1. These rates are applicable for used equipment only. Rental rates for brand new equipment will be quoted upon request, which can be as high as a minimum of 50% of selling prices for the 1st month. Correspondingly, the refundable deposit may be more.
  2. Weekly rental may be applicable, at one-third the monthly rates.
  3. Minimum rental value must not be less than $30
  4. The rental of equipment covers its effective use of the hardware during the entire period. It does not include the cost of subsequent refill, replacement, labour and delivery of consumables and optional accessories from time to time.
  5. In case of equipment breakdown, the equipment has to be carried-in to any of our outlet or workshop for replacement or repair. Should ourtransport service be required, transport fees will be charged.
  6. If delivery is requested, it will be done only during our operational hours during Mondays to Fridays, and delivery charges will apply (see our Policies – Delivery in our website). We do not provide emergency repair or delivery services.
  7. The period of rental of the Equipment will commence on the date on which the goods are delivered or picked up from the ADS Heathcare Products showroom and will end on the date which ADS Heathcare Products are advised hire is completed. In effect from the date which it leaves our premises until we are notified to pick it up or it is returned to our premises. If an extension of rental period is required, top-up payment should be made before commencement of extension.
  8. A refundable deposit will be held by ADS Heathcare Products for the term of the rental agreement. If the agreement is breached the whole or part may be applied towards the cost of loss or damage. Refundable deposits :
    • cannot be offset against rental charges;
    • will be returned via electronic bank transfer within 7 working days, or cheque payment within 14 working days. The company cannot be held responsible for delayed payment due to wrong account details or postal addresses given to us, or lost mail.
    • paid by NETS or VISA will attract bank charges of 1% and 3% respectively, which have to be borne by customers.
  9. ADS Heathcare Products requires that the Customer inspects the Equipment prior to or at the time of commencement of the hire and is satisfied the Equipment is in good working order. Any existing defects will have to be acknowledged by both parties.
  10. The Customer is expected to learn from ADS Heathcare Products and, where available, the User Manual, the proper use and maintenance of the Equipment at the time of commencement of rental. The cost of hire does not cover the cost of material, labour and transport should the equipment malfunction due to misuse or abuse.
  11. The Customer shall provide to ADS Heathcare Products at the time of rental all details relating to Third Party Payment including claim numbers and authorisation if applicable.
  12. At all times during the rental the Customer shall take proper care of the Equipment and keep the Equipment in good repair and condition (reasonable wear and tear accepted). At the end of the rental period the Customer shall return the Equipment to ADS Heathcare Products in such repair and condition.
  13. The Customer shall not allow any person not authorised by ADS Heathcare Products to repair or otherwise carry out any work on the Equipment.
  14. The Customer shall not sell, transfer, assign, mortgage, pledge, under let, lend or otherwise deal with the Equipment without the prior written consent of Greenstyle.
  15. An authorised hire period may be extended by agreement from all parties. Any such extension will be on the same terms as set out herein.
  16. The rental period will terminate should any of the following occur and ADS Heathcare Products will be entitled to the return of the Equipment:
    • The Customer defaults in the payment by the due date of any fees or other amounts outstanding, or otherwise defaults in the service or performance of any terms of this agreement
    • The Customer does, or causes to be done, any act, matter or thing which is likely to endanger the safety, condition or safe keeping of the Equipment.
    • An order is made for the sequestration of the assets of the Customer, or the Customer enters into any composition or arrangement with creditors.
    • Any other event or evidence which constitutes, on the Customer's part, a repudiation or refusal to be bound by the agreement.
  17. The Customer has the benefit of conditions and other rights implied by law which cannot be excluded by agreement. Nothing in this agreement shall be taken to limit in any way the benefit of those conditions, warranties and rights.
  18. The Customer shall indemnify and keep ADS Heathcare Products indemnified against loss or damage which may arise in respect of the Equipment or from the possession, use or question of the Equipment by the Customer or any other person and (without limiting the generality of the foregoing) against any loss or damage whatsoever for or in respect of injury to person or property arising out of the possession, use or operation of the Equipment by the Customer or any person in any manner whatsoever during the period until the Equipment is returned. This indemnity does not apply in respect of loss or damage for breach of non excludable condition warranty or right referred to in (14).
  19. The Customer warrants that he/she is authorised to make this agreement on behalf of all persons who possess, use or operate the Equipment during the period until the Equipment is returned
  20. June 2015